CLA-ifying Our Assignments

Questions to ask ourselves when crafting assignments informed by CLA

1. How might this assignment deepen students’ understanding of power/privilege in relation to language?
      Some examples: 

2. How can students trace “language” as a thread within discussions of social issues and institutional priorities, such as diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism? Some examples:

 3. How does this assignment invite students to make informed decisions, drawing on a rich linguistic repertoire and nuanced rhetorical knowledge? Some examples:

  • “Writing Beyond the Classroom” (w/ Memo or Introduction explaining writer’s choices)
  • Writer’s/Researcher’s Log
  • Portfolio cover letter 
  • Inquiry into use of AI-generated text in writing (e.g., ChatGPT)

 4. How does this assignment help students explore the tensions around standardized language, academic norms and conventions, etc.?  Some examples:

  • Empirical research (surveys, interviews, etc.) on linguistic attitudes
  • Grammar Autobiography
  • Teaching Philosophy statement

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