Shawna Shapiro

Dr. Shawna Shapiro is an Associate Professor of Writing and Linguistics at Middlebury College. Much of her research focuses on college transitions for immigrant and refugee-background students, and on inclusive and innovative approaches to multilingual/L2 writing. 

She has published in numerous peer-reviewed journals, including Research in the Teaching of English, TESOL Quarterly, Composition Studies, Language Awareness, and Equity & Excellence in Education. She has published books with TESOL/NAFSA and Multilingual Matters, and her forthcoming book, Cultivating Critical Language Awareness in the Writing Classroom, will be published by Routledge in early 2022. 

Dr. Shapiro has also written for Inside Higher Ed and The Conversation, and is active in several educational initiatives in her local community aimed at promoting equity and inclusion for linguistic minority students.

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